We are not stuck with our old mindsets, habits and ways.  We can change the way we think.  Just as our physical bodies are being renewed and restored by the nutrients from the food that we eat, our minds can be renewed if we read, study, memorize and think about the Word of God.  One of the definitions for “meditate” is “to chew repeatedly, like a cow chews its food.  Cows have more than one stomach pouch, so (however distasteful this may seem), cows actually chew their food, swallow it, regurgitate (yes, bring it back up) and then chew it again. That is the way that we must handle the Word of God if we want to be transformed by it. The cells that make up your bones right now are not made of the same cells that were there last year.  Our physical bodies are constantly being renewed, and new cells are constantly being made inside our bodies.  The food that we eat every day is digested daily , and the nutrients are used as the building blocks for new cells and tissue.  The same principle applies to our souls.  If we eat and digest (meditate upon and even memorize) the Word of God regularly, the Word becomes a part of us and we are renewed in our minds. This transformation is available to anyone who applies the Word of God regularly to his or her life.  Here are a few Scriptures that will help you to digest this principle and to be renewed: Hebrews 11:1; Psalm 127; Romans 10:17; Hebrews 14:12.  You don’t have to live with your old mindset.  Be Encouraged: God Can Undo It!


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