Sometimes, in our zeal to serve others, we neglect an important kingdom principle: Jesus taught us by His words and His example how to live in the overflowing abundance of His Spirit.  This life-giving lesson is filled with Scripture references to enhance your personal study.  Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear and learn to let others Catch the Overflow.

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2 Responses to CICM Weekly Lesson: “CATCH THE OVERFLOW”

  1. Maya Moore says:

    My word this spoke to me on so many levels! From friendships to family…This is a really good teaching. A lot of Christian ministries promote being busy; so much so that it is easy to become exhausted. And when you do need a break some tend to shame you. I really want this, what you’re talking about. I will be praying/mediating on it. There is a lot of freedom in this teaching, which means it is the truth. Thank you Dr. Theresa once again.

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