Complete In Christ Moment: “God is More Than Enough”

Maybe you missed having a strong protective father in life, or maybe you missed having a gentle, loving, soothing, attentive and nurturing mother.  In either case, our God is more than enough, and everything that we need is in Him.  God is our perfect Father, a father to the fatherless, but in Him, we can also find the perfect qualities that we generally associate with a mother.  Just as Eve was within Adam at the time of creation, so everything we need from God is within God, including gentleness and nurturing.  Whether you need the love of a father or the love of a mother (or both), you can find what you need in God.  God is our Creator and Father, but His name is also El Shaddai, our All-Sufficient God, the One Who is more than enough.  The root for “shaddai” in Hebrew is “shad” which means breast or “many-breasted”.  We can come to Him for provision and protection, but we can also come to Him to receive nurturing. Many Christians miss this concept and see God only as harsh and demanding, a Father who wants only to discipline, correct and get as much work out of us as He can.  But we also can lay on His breast and be fed, nurtured and loved tenderly.  He will not push us away.  If we miss this facet of God, then we never feel complete in Him.  We are more than conquerors, but He has called us to come to Him as little children, to lay on and lean on Him.  He is our Father, but within Him we also find the tenderness of a mother.  God is El Shaddai, the all-sufficient and many-breasted One.  In Him you will find both the strength and the gentleness that you need.


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