BORN TO BLOG with Theresa Speight Toulmon: “YOU ARE GOD ALONE”

God’s response to the presence of idols is always to crush, to destroy or to blow them away.  He never tolerates idols in a place that is dedicated to Him (“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” Ex 20:3).  Rachel was highly favored by God and deeply loved by Jacob, but Rachel secretly worshipped pagan idols (see Genesis 31:32).  As a result of her sin, Rachel, though greatly loved by Jacob and chosen by God, was displaced by her sister Leah, who married her espoused husband before she did.  Rachel suffered years of barrenness and torment, while Leah was fruitful and eventually gave birth to six of Jacob’s twelve sons.  In the end, Rachel died in childbirth and was buried by the roadside near (but not in) Ephrath (Bethlehem).  Leah, on the other hand, was buried in a place of honor with Jacob and was recognized as his wife.  If you are a Christian, ask God to search your heart and to reveal anything in your heart that is more important to you than Him.  Repent when He shows you the idols.  This circumcision of the heart is painful, but it will bring new fruitfulness and joy into your life.

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