Well, if you need a 3 minute message to make you feel better right quick, this is NOT it; but if you are ready to chew the Word and hear the truth about how to endure your hardship and get to the next level in God, this is it.  If this is not for you, then it is for someone you know.  Click the link in this post to listen or download, or call 1-712-775-7039, using access code 635444#. Thanks in advance, and be encouraged!!

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2 Responses to CICM Weekly Bible Lesson: “HOW TO GET OUT OF ‘PERSONAL PRISONS’ “

  1. Maya Moore says:

    This is another message that is right on time for me! I am in a season of where I am healing from a previous season of persecution that I think was bc of my faith and determination to do the right thing in a certain area to please God. For a long time I questioned why this had to happen to me when I was doing everything right…. It was so hard and it went from bad to worse and there was a point I even feared for my safety. It took a lot to process that and I struggled w/ anger and vengeance regarding what had happened. At the time I did not care for patience and endurance, I just wished it hadn’t happened!

    “If we can’t overcome a bag of chips”…..Ms. Teresa this was for me!!! LOL! I feel like you are my spiritual virtual counselor, without even telling you what’s going on w/ me your messages are always on TIME!! Praise God for your messages!


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