BORN TO BLOG with Theresa Speight Toulmon: “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”

If you are overcoming a significant rejection, such as a relationship failure, or a series of relationship failures, now is a good time to assess your inner opinion about yourself.  Low self-esteem frequently goes unnoticed in the person who has it, but is easily recognized by others, especially by those who would use it for their own advantage.  Your opinion of yourself began to form when you were very young, so if you want to check your attitude about you, you must do it on purpose.  The goal is not to elevate you in a prideful or arrogant way, but to establish in your own heart that you are a person of value, a person who is greatly loved by God and who deserves to be loved by others.    If you want to know what you really think about yourself, you must pray and ask God to help you to recognize any opinions or attitudes about yourself that are incorrect.  As you meditate in the Word of God and purpose in your heart to identify those negative attitudes about yourself and others, you can elevate yourself in your own heart to the position that God has given you.  You can begin to forgive yourself for any wrong choices that you have made, and you can begin to make better choices, based upon your inner ability to value who you are. Read Romans 12:1-2 and meditate upon it today.  Begin to notice what you are thinking about you, and write some encouraging notes to yourself today.  It is a good place to begin, and if you ask the Holy Spirit to help you, He will do it. When you begin to think correctly about yourself, your life will change for the better. Here is a passage of Scripture you will love, from The Message Bible translation: ” They have greatly oppressed me from my youth– let Israel say–2 they have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me. 3 Plowmen have plowed my back and made their furrows long. 4 But the LORD is righteous; he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked. 5 May all who hate Zion be turned back in shame. 6 May they be like grass on the roof, which withers before it can grow; 7 with it the reaper cannot fill his hands, nor the one who gathers fill his arms. 8 May those who pass by not say, “The blessing of the LORD be upon you; we bless you in the name of the LORD.”

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