Complete In Christ Moment: “Cutting Away vs. Pruning” John 15:1-2

It is not always easy to tell what God is doing in your life: Sometimes God is cutting things and people out of your life; but at other times God is just pruning your life, in preparation for the upcoming season. According to John 15:1-2, God is compared to a gardener (husbandman) of your life, and our relationship and vital connection to the Lord Jesus Christ is that of a branch in the true vine. Our ability to bear fruit is so important to God, that we can expect Him to do one thing or the other: He will cut away dead things, and He will prune things that are life-giving. So if you are feeling the pain of things or people being “snipped” in your life, continue to pray and meditate upon John chapter 15. Some of the things that God cuts are uprooted and gone for good, because they were unfruitful and harmful to you. Other things that God cuts are fruitful, but need to grow in a way that is more pleasing to God. Have you ever seen a vine or garden plant or bush that has been pruned. The poor thing can look pretty stark and barren for a season, but the fruitfulness of that plant in the upcoming season will be tremendous. So be encouraged: God knows what He is doing in your life. Trust Him to remove the things that are not in accordance with His overall plan for the garden of your life, but don’t be disturbed when things or people get cut back for a season. Just trust Him. He is working on your behalf.

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