If God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, then He has enough power to raise you or your loved ones up from depression. Listen to this encouraging word, full of practical advise from the Bible by clicking the link in this post or by calling 1-530-881-1499 access code 192320#. Share this with friends. Blog your comments. Thanks!! Keep believing! God Can Undo It! Click the “God Can Undo It!” link on the blog or order this book by Theresa Speight at http://www.amazon.com.

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  1. btw I don’t suggest or make any comments in my teaching for or against medications when people need them. Just encouraging folks in the Word, exhorting them to trust in God, not knocking medical or other care when needed. God can use all of that. But there is power in the Word of God, and some don’t know that it is real.
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