Good morning Facebook!  I want to challenge each of you today to RISE ABOVE your emotions and to put your faith and trust in the living God, the One who created you.  Many people battle against emotions of sadness, loneliness and even-self-pity on Mother’s Day.  Some have suffered the loss of a beloved child or mother.  Some never had the experience of being a mother.  Some were rejected by their mothers or by their children. I extend a hug to you on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ today!  I urge you to put your faith into action today in the midst of your pain.  Make Jesus Lord, in the midst of your pain and your loss.  He must be LORD, even on Mother’s Day!! To those who have suffered loss and to those who have experienced rejection and other negative events in life, I release to you the healing virtue that flows only from the Lord Jesus Christ.  Draw near to Him in your heart, and He will draw near to you. Jesus Christ is worthy of praise, especially on Mother’s Day!  Whether you have children or not, whether you have lost a child or a mother, whoever you are, Jesus Christ is praying for you this morning, and I want you to know that the Lord Jesus feels your pain.  He does not take your pain lightly!  I urge you to trust Him. You must choose to focus upon Him.  If you do this by faith, He will comfort you by His Spirit (James 4:8)! Be Encouraged: God Can Undo It!

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