CICM Bible Study: “Power to Overcome Sexual Sin” Jesus knows that it is difficult to overcome sexual sin. Instead of walking around feeling guilty about sin, learn to overcome it through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Today’s lesson will encourage you or someone you know in the battle against sexual sin. Call the recorded playback at 1-530-881-1499 and use access code 192320#. Share this with others! God did not leave us alone to overcome the battle against sin. We cannot do it in our own power. We must believe that He is alive and risen from the dead. Do you believe that He actually lives in us? Do you believe that the risen Christ is able to fight for you? If God rose Jesus from the dead, He certainly can lift you out of whatever sin is doing in your life. We have been set free from sin as Christians, but the enemy always seeks to bring Christians back into bondage. We are going to serve and obey something. We must choose to be led by His Spirit and empowered by His Word. We must trust that Jesus is actually alive and able to fight our battles. God has given us the power to overcome, but we must believe that He is alive in us. Jesus Christ is committed to your holiness and your daily victory over sin. We are complete in Christ.

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