Image. This is where the rubber meets the road for most Christians.  You go to church, read your Bible and try to live right; but things keep going wrong and you just don’t get it.  You are tired of hearing about everyone else’s victory and you are secretly regretting all of the service that you have faithfully given to God.  As you study Psalm 44, it is easy to see that the writer is a little bit frustrated with God! He has heard from his parents about all of the victories that God has won for them, yet he is fighting what seems to be a losing battle.  He feels like God is ignoring him.  As always, the enemy is in the background telling him to throw in the towel and go ahead with the life of sin.  But there is this thing called FAITH that he remembers.  He remembers that through the power of God we trample and tread the enemy under our feet by faith.  We must believe God and stand in faith, and that faith expresses itself through love (Galatians 5:6). If you are considering giving up, then you forgotten how much God loves you, or perhaps you have never been certain about it.  You must not waver or doubt (James 1), otherwise you are like a wave of the sea being tossed in any direction as the wind blows.  God loves us and causes us to be more than conquerors (Romans 8:27).  We are more than victorious warriors, but we are the beloved children of God!!

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