The most powerful weapon against INJUSTICE is PRAYER. When we commit our lives to live in HOLINESS before God, then GOD PROMISES that our prayers will prevail (see James 5:16).  Some people may not realize that Dr. Martin Luther King’s movement BEGAN AS A PRAYER MOVEMENT. All persons participating with him in any way were required to sign a commitment to pray daily in the name of Jesus and to walk in His ways, otherwise they were not allowed to participate. Each person agreed to refrain from the violence of “fist, tongue or heart” (see “The Words of MLK, Jr. by Coretta Scott King, which includes the original version of this document). According to 2Chronicles 7:14, God has set certain conditions that must be met, if we want Him to heal our land: we must humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways. Then He has promised to hear from heaven, to forgive our sins and to heal our land. Blog with us today at  Your blog comments will appear on my fb page as well.  Thanks and have a great day!!

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